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Spectacular ranges and national parks, picturesque mountain villages, colourful roadside markets, cosy retreats, quality galleries, and a myriad of other attractions, is a description that renders the Sunshine Coast's Hinterland as irresistible!

Beerwah is just one of the many charming mountain towns located in the Hinterland. It is situated on the Glass House Mountains Tourist Route with access via the Bruce Highway, and offers spectacular views of the mountains which consist of 13 volcanic peaks that dominate the Sunshine Coast landscape.

More specifically, Beerwah is 69 kilometres from Brisbane, situated to the east of Mount Coochin, and based at the northernmost end of the Glass House Mountains.

After the railway opened in 1890, Beerwah gradually replaced Coochin and Campbellville as the main town in the timber-getting district.

The township is the centre of a prosperous rural community. Pineapples, citrus fruit, strawberries, custard apples, avocados, macadamia nuts, vegetables and tobacco plantations are grown. The undulating countryside is dotted with bush belts and views of the Glass House Mountains.

Australia Zoo is the closest tourist attraction to Beerwah; the property is located on the 'Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Route', just 45 minutes north of Brisbane. The zoo plays a leading role in conservation through education, and by holding interactive animal presentations every half hour throughout the day.

Beerwah is a small, quaint and friendly town that is ideal for those who want to escape to the natural beauty of the region.

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